Wednesday, March 27, 2024
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Hidden Object・Crime Archives 3

Puzzles and Brainteaser, criminal adventures and hidden object games await you in "Criminal Archives: Murder in Pages"! UNCOVER THE TRUTH in our hidden object game! Dive into the heart of San Francisco's dark secrets, seek & find hidden objects, solve crime puzzles and the most bizarre murders yet! 📜 JOIN FORCES with prominent writer Damian Crow to unravel the mystery behind the owl-masked killer. Can you separate fact from fiction of this detective investigation before it's too late? 📜 FIND OUT AND COLLECT unusual evidence in hidden object games, decipher cryptic clues in puzzles & brainteasers, search the crime scene, mystery case files and put your detective skills to the test in this thrilling mystery story! 📜 DISCOVER the sinister meaning behind the owl symbol and unravel the mystery of San Francisco's underground societies! No clues will go unnoticed! Explore crime scene, seek & find hidden objects, and piece together puzzles to stop the killer before they strike again! In this hidden object puzzle adventure you are a crime reporter, striving to capture in your book the most unusual cases you have encountered. A prominent writer Damian Crow comes to you for help since all the mayhem seems to have slipped through to the city streets right from the pages of his crime novels. Can you solve all the murders and stop the villains? Find hidden clues, and solve puzzles and brainteaser to find the criminal! Special features: 📜 DIALOGUE OPTIONS that shape the outcome of the criminal investigation. Detective, your choices matter! 📜 COLLECTIBLE ITEMS and unusual hidden objects, each with its own significance to the crime case! 📜 A MULTITUDE OF ACHIEVEMENTS, showcasing your detective prowess! 📜 OVER 100 TRICKY PUZZLES and brain teasers scattered throughout the crime investigation game! 📜 INTRICATE LOCATIONS and mystery case files that you must meticulously search for clues and hidden objects! 📜 AN UNFORGETTABLE chilling atmosphere of mystery! BRING JUSTICE to those

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