Wednesday, March 6, 2024
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Magic City Detective Episode 2

Embark on a supernatural detective adventure in "Magic City Detective: Stolen Voice"! Find hidden objects and unravel the enigmatic dark riddles & brain teasers! Play thrilling hidden object games & enjoy seek-and-find adventure. Discover keys to solving intricate puzzles that stand between you & exposing the most arcane crime in your detective career! Fascinating GAME STORY & CHARACTERS Manuel Costa is a famous character in Rio, and people talk about him quietly. Magical communities also fear him. Your quest is to surprise Mr. Costa strategically, just like he would try to do to you. Although he's a strong character, like all bad rulers, Manuel has a weakness – his daughter. She not only has bad manners but also a tough attitude. Can you handle the challenge? Get ready to use your voice and start a mission to find hidden objects in the most important detective adventure contest of this investigation! Find hidden objects and prepare to: 🏰 Earn Trust in a World of Magic! Humans aren't trusted by supernatural magic races, but you can change that! Earn their regard as you seek through the city, gaining allies, solving detective adventure puzzles, hidden object games, riddles & brain teasers and item search crucial to cracking the criminal case. 🏰 Hunt for Collectibles! While winning a trophy in the song contest is a triumph, true detective goes beyond! Explore Rio's mystery locations, seek and find hidden objects, search collectibles, and piece together the puzzle of Manuel Costa's nefarious plans. 🏰 Face the Fear or Become the Fear! The choice is yours! Manuel Costa holds the city in fear, but it's time to turn the tables. Catch him off guard before he does it to you, revealing the dark riddles & brain teasers of a captivating detective adventure & hidden object games, and be careful in making your own crucial decisions! 🏰 Challenging detective adventure Contests! Get ready to challenge Manuel Costa's daughter in the most important contest of the criminal case i

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