Sunday, March 17, 2024
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Twin Mind 2: Extra f2p

If you like puzzles, brain teasers, and casual hidden objects adventure games then "Twin Mind 2" is for you. It is a casual hidden object puzzle adventure and crime-solving game filled with logic puzzle brain riddles and missing object finding. Do lake monsters exist? Or your new criminal case, the death on the lake, was the work of someone of a more human and quite cruel nature? In the mystery adventure game "Twin Mind: The Power of Love", experience the unique advantage of having not one, but two extraordinary detectives at your disposal. Search crime scenes, find hidden clues, question suspects, and solve mystery puzzles! Spot the difference and find out the truth! Fans of the point and click adventure game will get a chance to look back at the mystery puzzle quest of the past and improve their achievements. If you have already played the main casual hidden object puzzle game then here is an excellent opportunity to replay your favorite puzzles & brainteasers! 👮 True crime mystery plot! Replay your favorite search and find games and earn as many achievements as you can! Please note that this is a bonus episode of the main casual hidden object game "Twin Mind: The Power of Love". 👮 Solve puzzles & brainteasers! Solve mind-bending puzzles that challenge your wit and unveil the brain teasers of the world. Our casual hidden object and puzzle game brings you a unique gaming experience that blends supernatural, intrigue, and unparalleled mystery-solving. 👮 Lead the crime scene investigation! Conduct your own crime investigation solving intricate puzzles & brain teasers, searching mystery case files and playing various seek and find hidden object games. Multiple picturesque locations with tricky puzzles for you to solve and secrets to find. Play the detective story absolutely for free, but if you feel stuck or don't want to solve puzzles or brain teasers, you may buy hints that will help you proceed quicker! Other mystery adventure games and supernatural crime are

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