Tuesday, March 19, 2024
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Cursed Fables 4: Find Objects

Learn about Cinderella's tragic life and save the royal ball guests in a puzzle adventure! Play the search hidden things game and solve fairy tale crimes! Seek and find all hidden objects! ________________________________________________________________________ Will you manage to solve the mystery of Cursed Fables: Before the Clock Strikes? Immerse yourself in the thrilling item search games and find missing objects. Explore unusual locations by solving unsolved mysteries, engaging puzzles and learn what surprises the enchanted royal castle prepared for Cinderella's stepmother. Note that this is a free trial version of the hidden objects game. You can get the full version by means of an in-app purchase. Stella Grayson, a widow who raised Cinderella as her own daughter, goes to a royal ball, but something strange is happening in the castle. The guests have frozen, the knights' armor has come to life and walks the corridors, and Stella's daughters have mystically disappeared. Who wants to ruin the royal ball? Could this be someone's revenge? Be a detective, find objects and figure out the truth in this search hidden things game. EXPLORE THE CASTLE AND FIND STELLA'S FAMILY Cinderella arrived at the royal castle several days before the ball. But why didn't she meet her family? Did something happen to her? An exciting plot that will be enjoyed by fans of fantasy hidden object games and crime solving games for adults. FIND THE SOURCE OF EVIL MAGIC Find missing objects, artifacts and hidden stuff! Enjoy fantasy locations and complete mini-games! immerse yourself in the item search games to find out why dark magic has appeared in the castle and is making objects alive and scary. LEARN IF YOU MANAGE TO DEFEAT THE VILLAIN PEACEFULLY Complete thrilling hidden objects scenes and feel the thrill caused by the unexpected plot twist in this captivating puzzle adventure! Uncover hints that will lead you closer to unraveling the royal castle. FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO CAMILLA

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