Tuesday, March 26, 2024

EscapeGame AfterSchool

"Escape Game: Escape the Mysterious School After School" While taking a nap, I was captured by a junior from the Mystery Solving Club! ? Find a way to escape the slightly mysterious school while solving many puzzles! Mysterious escape game in a unique school Features This is an extensive escape game set in a somewhat mysterious school. In this game, you can enter and explore different parts of the school's special classrooms. -The difficulty level is between beginner and intermediate, so even people who are not good at escape games can easily play it. - All operations are simple, just tap, but for those who are playing for the first time, we have prepared a tutorial on how to play at the beginning of the game. (Can be skipped) Since the game is automatically saved, you can continue playing from the middle even if you close the app. If you get stuck or find the game difficult, we have provided hints and answers, so please use them to help you complete the game. - There is a memo function, so you can leave handwritten notes within the app. You can enjoy it for free until the end. [HOW TO PLAY] Tap the location you want to explore. -You can select the item you received by tapping it once. You can enlarge the display by pressing the ZOOM button while it is selected. -If you don't know how to proceed or how to solve a puzzle, please use the "Hints" provided. If you can't solve the problem even after looking at the "hints", we have also prepared an "answer" so that you can proceed with confidence. - If you close the application or return to the title screen, you can start where you left off by pressing the "Continue" button. - If you want to play from the beginning, you can start the game from the beginning by pressing the "Start" button on the title screen or the "RESET" button on the MENU screen during the game. -Tap the MEMO button to open a memo window. There are three colors of pens, so please choose the one according to the purpose. This is the 11th new escape g

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