Thursday, April 18, 2024
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City Legends: Episode 2

PUZZLES AND BRAIN TEASERS await you in an exciting horror hidden object game! Solve puzzles, search and find missing objects and dive into a paranormal story! AS AN ASPIRING AUTHOR seeking inspiration for your next horror detective story, you'll find yourself caught in a web of horror that's all too real! CAN YOU UNCOVER THE TRUTH behind the angry crowd with red eyes, or will you become another missing person in the horror hidden object puzzle games of Darkwood? USE YOUR DETECTIVE SKILLS to solve the mystery, puzzles, brain teasers, and find hidden objects of the crime city. Hidden objects you find brings you one step closer to the truth! As the line between fiction and reality blurs, solve criminal case that will test your detective games mystery skills to their limits. BEGIN YOUR INVESTIGATION into the depths of terror, mystery of horror hidden object puzzle games! EXPERIENCE EXCITING FEATURES: 🌆 HIDDEN OBJECT HUNT: Immerse yourself in the object hunt of detective games mystery that is the key to unraveling Darkwood's darkest secrets and hidden objects. Every riddle, puzzle & brain teaser brings you closer to understanding the true nature of the horror that awaits! 🌆 CRIMINAL CASE INVESTIGATION EXPERIENCE: Dive deep into Darkwood's grim history through captivating riddles & brain teasers that challenge your object hunt logic and intuition! 🌆 A DETECTIVE STORY THAT ADAPTS TO YOUR CHOICES: Your decisions are crucial to solve detective games mystery. Navigate through this harrowing crime city, where each choice could be your last. Will you make it out alive? 🌆 SURVIVE THE HORROR: As the harvest festival approaches, discover why you've become the target of a crime city gone mad. Survival is not guaranteed! 🌆 STUNNING VISUALS AND ATMOSPHERIC SOUNDTRACK: Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful crime city of Darkwood, brought to life with stunning graphics and a spine-tingling soundtrack along with an array of hidden objects games, riddles, puzzles & brain

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