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Escape Room: Hidden Riddles

Welcome to "Escape Room: Hidden Riddles" presented by ENA Game Studio, where you'll encounter the ultimate trial of wit and cunning! Get ready to immerse yourself in a maze of mysteries and conundrums, where every twist and turn will put your intellect to the test. GAME STORY 1: In this story there are Two princesses, identical twins, found themselves entwined in a saga of royal intrigue when their cousin, Davyion, was unjustly imprisoned by their father, King Prometheus. In a twist of fate, a mystical soul transfer occurred between the incarcerated cousin and the monarch, leaving Davyion in the throne and the king in the confines of the dungeon. Davyion, now wielding the crown, revealed a quest for magical gems to determine the future ruler of the realm. Unbeknownst to the sisters, the whereabouts of these gems were shrouded in mystery. Embarking on separate journeys, they embarked on a quest to secure the gems. However, realizing the power of unity, the sisters eventually joined forces, overcoming obstacles and challenges to procure the coveted stones. The twins sister found unexpected salvation in the form of their uncle Timmel, who intervened to safeguard them from harm. The infants were first separated by nature, and they developed independently. They unintentionally run into each other at a large festival 25 years later. Armed with newfound knowledge and a resolute spirit, the sisters confronted their cousin, now a formidable foe threatening the very fabric of their world. With the fate of their kingdom hanging in the balance, the twins stood as beacons of hope, ready to engage in a battle of epic proportions to safeguard their realm and uphold the legacy of their lineage. GAME STORY 2: A boy leaves home to clean the church. While cleaning the dungeon, he finds a mysterious door, opens it, and enters the place beyond. After some time, the boy tries to escape from the place behind that door, but suddenly, two hands drag him back into it. The boy mistakenl

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