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Escape Room: Mystery Legacy

Welcome to "Escape Room: Mystery Legacy" by ENA Game Studio! Immerse yourself in an intricate puzzle adventure, where you'll unlock secrets, solve mysteries, and crack codes. Explore hidden chambers and navigate through cryptic corridors in this thrilling escape game. Can you unravel the enigma and escape in time? GAME STORY 1: This story contains 25 levels of Gameplay. One fine day Ginna returns from vacation, the daughter discovers her father missing from the research station, abducted by a crime syndicate. She learns that the gang leader has a terminal illness and seeks her father's scientific expertise for a cure. To rescue her father, she navigates dangerous alliances and outwits the gang's ruthless henchmen. Racing against time, she must unravel the gang's motives and save her father before it's too late. GAME STORY 2: This story contains 50 levels of Gameplay. One fine day there are Four friends play a sinister Ouija game, leading to Lara's mysterious death. Five years later, they hallucinate shadows haunting them. The truth unravels as they discover Lara's twin, Zara, seeking vengeance. Their prescribed medicine holds the key to Lara's demise, laced with snake venom. Bruce's involvement in the drug scheme seals their fate in this gripping tale of guilt and redemption. ESCAPE GAME MODULE: Embark on exhilarating escapades delving into unsolved mysteries awaiting your keen detective skills. Each meticulously crafted room invites thorough investigation, promising a unique puzzle-solving challenge. With every clue deciphered, inch closer to unraveling the overarching truth behind each thrilling case. LOGIC PUZZLES & MINI-GAMES: If you thrive on the thrill of cracking codes and unraveling mysteries, our escape room adventures are tailor-made for you. Dive into our immersive games where each puzzle serves as a mental workout, promising both challenge and gratification. Engage in a quest where deciphering cryptic clues and uncovering hidden secrets propel you to

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