Sunday, June 2, 2024
Puzzle Solving Game

Detective Strange:Case notes

A handsome British uncle who is very principled and dedicated to the spiritual events for 30 years, with his whimsical little assistant airborne Detroit, only to explore the "ghost" apartment. Mysterious old man, weird house... What kind of secrets are hidden in the apartment,? Smok and Lilia, can you successfully complete this commission? The key to everything is to make your choice! Smock is a bachelor, and only pleasure is to accept the commission of a spiritual event in the singular detective agency he founded. But after ten years have passed, he has not encountered a real "spiritual event." In his words, "science can always solve all the troubles in the world." But this time, something different... The unique display system reveals the mystery of the strange detective. Rich story content takes you into a wonderful world. Multi-line and final, let you pursue the perfection. I wish you all the best ending soon!

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