Flash Player discontinued as from Jan 12th 2021

As from today, January 12th 2021 Adobe has blocked Flash Player from being loaded on all platforms. 
For our site this means that Flash games can no longer be loaded and played. Neither on our site, nor on the site of the developers themselves.

For the time being we will keep all games made with Flash on our site, while investigating if there are, or will be, safe options for playing Flash games available in the near future.

For more information provided by Adobe about Flash we point you to this link: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html#

Meanwhile we have marked all Flash games with a new icon that signals the the game needs a Flash Player:


bobmeisterb said...

If this has been known for at least a year, why wasn't an alternative action put into place so that flash games could still be played? Why post flash games on your site if they can not be played!?

Cool said...

Bob, there are several alternatives in development, but none of them are completed yet. So we can not recommend any of them at the moment.

Most developers have already taken action over the last year and are now posting htlm games. Some missed the bus and are trying to catch up. Some others currently only make Android or iOS versions.

We have marked all previously posted flash games with a flash icon, so you will know from the Main Page that they can no longer be played unless there is an alternative player installed.

We don't know how things will develop in the course of this year or what decisions developers that have not made html games yest will take. But we are keeping an eye on developments and if there are good and reliable alternatives available we will report.

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