Thursday, January 21, 2021

Alice and Paul are walking in the magic forest with their dog Mimi. Suddenly Mimi leaps into the sky... Brave little Alice manages to grasp ahold of Mimi and the two of them fly off to an uncharted land... NEWLINE NEWLINE Will they come back? Will Paul and Alice find each other in this mysterious world? NEWLINE NEWLINE It's a fascinating puzzle point-and-click and hidden object adventure game for elderly folks and kids (4+)! NEWLINE NEWLINE • The design and heroes are very cute and well done! NEWLINE • Management is simple and intuitive. NEWLINE • There's no text! And no dictionary needed :) NEWLINE • 8 episodes and 27 mini-games with hidden objects and puzzles range from simple to more highly developing challenges aimed at improving attentiveness and intelligence! NEWLINE • 5 enchanting musical themes and a variety of magical sound NEWLINE NEWLINE The adventure game Rarura was developed by a small independent developer and animation studio - Animuba LLC. Animuba has published more than 150 animated e-cards made for major Russian websites - Yandex and Over 4 million downloads! We've developed 15 games for social networks and won the competition devGamm with the game "Creeping Tiger". NEWLINE NEWLINE Enjoy the game, find all hidden objects, and travel through the Magic forest!

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