Thursday, January 21, 2021

Brain Us
Iway Game Studio
Brain Us
The questions are extremely brain-damaging with shocking answers NEWLINE The challenge game is full of fun and upsets your imagination NEWLINE The perfect challenging combination between IQ and logical thinking, reflexes, memory and creativity NEWLINE Want to get through the door? Must be too broken the rules! There is no impossible way through the door, only answers that you cannot think of NEWLINE Countless doors with quirks are sure to give you endless fun! NEWLINE NEWLINE Highlights NEWLINE The gameplay is very unusual NEWLINE The process of solving puzzles is simple and fun NEWLINE The game interface is clear and simple with fun music NEWLINE The answers were full of surprises NEWLINE NEWLINE The breathtaking brain hacking game doors, endless laughs NEWLINE Use creativity, reverse thinking to think about questions👀Give you a whole new game experience, see if you can get through it or not! NEWLINE NEWLINE The funniest IQ training game in history waiting for you to challenge! NEWLINE Quickly train IQ with your friends, Refresh perspective, Laugh out loud! NEWLINE Enjoy it

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