Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cat and Escape
Cat and Escape
"Cat and Escape" --- Memory NEWLINE We need memory to determine our identity. When we find the missing part of ourselves, NEWLINE The closer you may be to the truth, the further away you may be from reality. NEWLINE Trapped in an empty secret room, follow the cat's guidance. NEWLINE As the story unfolds, discover the horrifying facts buried inside. NEWLINE Behind the truth, what role does the cat play? NEWLINE Putting away all the fog, no one knows whether it will bring life or death. NEWLINE NEWLINE "Cat and Escape" --- Evolution NEWLINE It's almost midnight. NEWLINE You are walking alone on a dark street, heading to a parking lot a few blocks away. NEWLINE At this moment, there are footsteps behind you. Without turning around, you accelerate the pace. You suddenly think of the disappearance case that happened a few weeks ago which makes you go faster. But the footsteps behind you are more rapid as well. NEWLINE At the end of the street, with the light of the streetlamp, a figure appears. You suddenly turn around but only to find it turns out to be a black cat. You breathe a sigh of relief, staring into the cat's eyes, and gradually faint. NEWLINE When you wake up, you find yourself on a lonely island. NEWLINE The unknown message in the cave, the hideous figure in the treehouse, are revealing a terrifying truth about evolution. NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE "Cat and Escape"---Changsheng NEWLINE Legend has it that cats are yin, and their eyes can see spirits. NEWLINE Cats lingering at the door of the orphanage NEWLINE There have been bizarre cases recently, NEWLINE Whether some hidden evils are buried, NEWLINE Detective Mike, who was commissioned, felt like a cat scratching his heart. NEWLINE Do everything possible to find out in the orphanage.

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