Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mr Detective 3 - Save the World Brain riddles
Mr Detective 3 - Save the World Brain riddles
To save the world you need to use your logic, puzzle and riddle solving skills to diffuse the bombs. NEWLINE NEWLINE Mr. Detective, Mehul has got a new assignment. Gogo has planted more than bombs all over the world. NEWLINE Detective Mehul needs your help to diffuse these bombs and save the world. NEWLINE NEWLINE In his journey, Mehul will hop on to many countries, defusing bombs and saving lives of countless people. NEWLINE We have covered beautiful views of - NEWLINE 1. Paris NEWLINE 2. Newyork NEWLINE 3. Mumbai NEWLINE 4. London NEWLINE 5. Singapore NEWLINE 6. Dhaka NEWLINE 7. Las vegas NEWLINE 8. Bangkok NEWLINE 9. Rio NEWLINE 10. Sydney NEWLINE NEWLINE Travel to these countries and use your brain to diffuse bombs using your logic, puzzle and riddles solving skills. NEWLINE NEWLINE Embark on this journey with our favorite Detective, Mehul, and help him solve puzzles and riddles as he keeps facing challenges. NEWLINE This game has a perfect blend of riddles which includes Math puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles, memory games, find the path and many more…

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