Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hidden Objects - Spirit Legends: Find Balance
Hidden Objects - Spirit Legends: Find Balance
UPDATE: Added iOS-link.NEWLINE Play puzzles and brain teasers in one of the top mystery hidden object games! Your goal is to seek and find hidden objects in these fun finding object games to save the Kingdom! NEWLINE NEWLINE Aileen was just accepted into the Guardians of Harmony, but her first meeting with the king didn't go quite as planned. Now, with a mysterious assassin on the loose, a dark brotherhood making shadowy plans, and someone enslaving the most powerful spirits, Aileen is caught in the middle of a revenge plot that threatens to tear the kingdom apart! Grab your Bestiary, master your spells, and bring your searching skills as you guide Aileen through this tangled web of intrigue in this fantastic new Puzzle Adventure! NEWLINE NEWLINE 👻 STOP QUEEN MAGRET FROM DESTROYING THE FOREST AND HELP THE NYMPHS AND DRYADS! NEWLINE Play more exciting mini-games and hidden objects puzzles in a bonus chapter, and become a hero who saves the forest! NEWLINE NEWLINE 👻 FIND THE CORRECT HEALING POTION IN THE MEDICINE KIT! NEWLINE Match magical runes to obtain a special item. Get achievements such as "eagle-eyed: finish a hidden-object puzzle without any hints" in our finding object games. NEWLINE NEWLINE 👻 COLLECT ARTIFACTS AND SPIRITED ITEMS. MORPH OBJECTS! NEWLINE Top hidden object games are full of items such as a griffin saddle, a magic staff, grappling hooks, and magic pouches. Collect spirited items from the magic forest NEWLINE NEWLINE 👻 ENJOY EXCLUSIVE WALLPAPERS, SCREENSAVERS, MUSIC, VIDEOS, AND MORE! NEWLINE Replay videos of when the dragon Memphis was stopped. Play the songs of when you first found your bestiary in the search and find games. NEWLINE NEWLINE 👻 NEVER GET LOST WITH THE STRATEGY GUIDE! NEWLINE Always be sure in your next move and never be stuck in the new mystery games! NEWLINE NEWLINE This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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