Saturday, April 3, 2021

3 Minute Suspense-Mystery Solving Detective Game
3 Minute Suspense-Mystery Solving Detective Game
======================== NEWLINE What is suspense for 3 minutes? NEWLINE =============== ========= NEWLINE "3 minutes suspense" is a puzzle-solving game that you can enjoy just by tapping. NEWLINE However, the mystery that seems easy may be more chewy than I expected! NEWLINE NEWLINE You need your reasoning power to solve the case. NEWLINE It is you, a great detective, who solves the mystery hidden in the illustrations! NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ======================== NEWLINE About the reasoning problem NEWLINE ======== ================ NEWLINE Here are some of the detective quizzes that are given in the app. NEWLINE NEWLINE ・ Rain Park NEWLINE ・ Disturbing Birthday Party NEWLINE ・ Present for You NEWLINE ・ Hangman Game NEWLINE ・ Paint Criminal NEWLINE ・ Portrait of Family NEWLINE ・ Family leader's tropical fish NEWLINE ・ Home scream NEWLINE ・ Tanuki incident NEWLINE ・ Cake to give to boyfriend NEWLINE ・ Reason for resentment NEWLINE ・ Shining sun NEWLINE ・ Ripped pass notification NEWLINE ・Trading site NEWLINE ・ Fall accident NEWLINE ・ One photo NEWLINE ・ Pastry chef case NEWLINE ・ Unclosed room case NEWLINE ・ Deer tapioca NEWLINE ・ False testimony NEWLINE NEWLINE Killing time There are many other mystery-solving reasoning problems that are perfect for you! NEWLINE A popular game where you can enjoy the real thrill of mystery!

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