Sunday, March 21, 2021

Avoid me
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Avoid me
Rescue the shadowy hero by solving a mystery and escape from NEWLINE me! NEWLINE Clear and slightly heartwarming ... Such an app. NEWLINE (* Be careful not to play too much! Don't skip the company or school!) NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ● How to play NEWLINE -Tap the screen to do various things. NEWLINE -Sometimes you may get items. NEWLINE -Items can be used by dragging and dropping. NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE There seems to be no one in the class. NEWLINE A "Yuru Escape" game that draws the air of the brother apps "Shy Boy" and "Lucky Boy". NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ● Recommended points NEWLINE -It's completely free and easy, so it's recommended for parents and children! NEWLINE -You can play with your school friends regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl! , Play with your family and create a topic! NEWLINE -Because it is full of everyday "something" elements, it can also be used to create topics at school! NEWLINE -Various creatures and animals have appeared! For those who are looking for healing ◎ NEWLINE ・ For those who like to collect and collect! NEWLINE -It's moderately difficult, so it's also good for brain training. NEWLINE -People who are not good at escape games can enjoy it! NEWLINE -A mystery-solving smartphone app game that allows you to easily escape and bring back a little nostalgic memory. NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ● Stage introduction NEWLINE "Lunch break" --- A shadow-like existence in the class. If you put it in a circle. NEWLINE "School lunch" --- If you can eat tomatoes, you can play with everyone. NEWLINE "Excursion Bocchi" --The completed group. If you notice it, it's rice. NEWLINE "Amusement Park Bocchi" --Coffee cup. There is no rule that you should not ride alone. NEWLINE "Bocchi Sketch" --- To make a pair and draw a portrait of each other. NEWLINE "Holiday Bocchi" --- I have a desire to play with someone on a sunny Sunday. NEWLINE "Bocchi Hair"-Dare to take the plunge. I don't want to stand out badly. NEWLINE "Kakurenbocchi" --It's lonely that you can't find it. NEWLINE "Amusement Park Botti 2"-I know it's a more fun ride for both of us. NEWLINE "Lunch break Botti 2" --I wonder if that beetle will come out again. NEWLINE "Cemetery is no good" --Put it in the graveyard and squeeze it. Is that child alone? NEWLINE "Bocchi Ball" -I've become the last one. Aim for a come-from-behind victory. NEWLINE "Bocchi Fireworks Festival" --- I told you to see it, but everyone didn't come. NEWLINE "Water of Life"-There is no one in the desert. The throat is also a big pinch. NEWLINE "Mixed Bocchi" --- Only myself is sober. Everyone looks colorful and delicious. NEWLINE "Bocchi Live" -No one stops. Listen, the melody of loneliness. NEWLINE "Tomato Bocchi" --- It should be an exciting restaurant for everyone ... Tomato again. NEWLINE "Karaoke Bocchi"-I'm not good at singing. But I want to enjoy it together. NEWLINE "Bocchi Hazard" -20XX years. The last survival strategy of humankind. NEWLINE "Falling Bocchi" --Shame of falling outside. People passing by. A feeling of loneliness that can't be helped. NEWLINE "Hospitalization" --Injured and hospitalized. Nobody comes to visit us. NEWLINE "Theatrical company Bocchi" --- Speaking of greed, I wanted to be a member of the forest. NEWLINE "Kuribocchi" --The Christmas solo party is about to begin. NEWLINE "Uninhabited Island Bocchi" --Loneliness and crisis of life. It doesn't start even if I hold my knees. NEWLINE "Phantom thief" --A large phantom thief of four people. Let's escape without being left behind by our friends. NEWLINE "Aquarium Bocchi" --My friend is myself reflected in the glass. I want to swim in a wide world. NEWLINE "Brave Bocchi" --Three heroes pull out the legendary sword. Come on, you will continue. NEWLINE "Borrowing Bocchi" --Scavenger hunt for athletic meet. The theme is "friends". NEWLINE "Muscle training" --- If you gain muscle, you will gain confidence. Let's train together happily. NEWLINE "Bocchi Bar" --- On a lonely night, I feel like having a toast with someone with juice.

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