Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dokkiri God Avoidance-Escape Game
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Dokkiri God Avoidance-Escape Game
Let's avoid the hidden camera in everyday life. NEWLINE Blackboard eraser trap, beach crab. NEWLINE Wasabi increased sushi, no toilet paper. NEWLINE Is it possible to rescue the hero from the serious crises that come one after another? NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ How to play NEWLINE -Tap the screen to do various things. NEWLINE -Sometimes you may get items. NEWLINE -Items can be used by dragging and dropping. NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Recommended points NEWLINE -It looks fun on a manga-like stage! NEWLINE -Cute, mascot-like illustrations that can be played by both boys and girls! NEWLINE -It's completely free and easy, so even children can rest assured. Instead of a picture book. Recommended for moms! NEWLINE -Because it is full of everyday "something" elements, it is also useful for creating topics at school! NEWLINE -Is your brain aging? Good for brain training with moderate difficulty NEWLINE -Free easy, escape, puzzle-solving game. NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Stage introduction NEWLINE 01. Rain falling NEWLINE 02. Worst situation without paper in the toilet NEWLINE 03. Demon washing in the river NEWLINE 04. Eraser on the classroom door NEWLINE 05. A large amount of slime NEWLINE 06. Before being caught by the guy I met in the woods NEWLINE 07. Soaking wet NEWLINE 08. Spicy cream puff 09. Dangerous Bungy Jump NEWLINE 10. Dodge Ball NEWLINE 11. Massive Slime Part 2 NEWLINE 12. Halloween NEWLINE 13. Surprised Box I Received as a Birthday Gift NEWLINE 14. Road car NEWLINE 15. Bee sting NEWLINE 16. Candy bag torn NEWLINE 17. Mistaken as watermelon in the summer sea NEWLINE 18. Hit by a priest NEWLINE > 19. Knob Eating NEWLINE 20. Rabbit Alien Mischief NEWLINE 21. Ancient Pyramid Trap NEWLINE 22. Piss Kozo no Mizu NEWLINE 23. Gacha Gacha NEWLINE 24. Ghost Mansion NEWLINE 25. Weak Fateful encounter with a maiden NEWLINE 26. Misunderstood as a watermelon in the summer sea Part 2 NEWLINE 27. Sushi with wasabi NEWLINE 28. Vampire NEWLINE 29. A large amount of slime Part 3 30. Museum NEWLINE NEWLINE --------------------------------------- ---------------------------- NEWLINE It is a content that can be enjoyed by both those who like escape games and those who are not good at escape games. I will. NEWLINE Please play!

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