Saturday, March 27, 2021

3D Escape Game Aerial Garden
Gokuraku Kung Fu
3D Escape Game Aerial Garden
A strange 3D world. NEWLINE Nobody is here. NEWLINE Let's find a way to solve the mystery and return to the original world while moving the moving mechanism. NEWLINE A free 3D escape game that is perfect for killing time leisurely. NEWLINE NEWLINE *Move NEWLINE Touchpad (left) NEWLINE "Back and forth" and "left and right movement" NEWLINE Touchpad (right) NEWLINE "Rotate left and right", "Look up" and "Look down" NEWLINE NEWLINE *Item NEWLINE Select by touching once. Enlarge by touching again in the selected state. NEWLINE Touch the point you want to use in the selected state. NEWLINE NEWLINE * Equipped with auto save NEWLINE * Equipped with hint function NEWLINE * Equipped with answer function NEWLINE NEWLINE Notice NEWLINE There is no "in-app purchase" for this app.

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