Saturday, March 27, 2021

Escape Game Foot Pop
Shigeyuki Kawamura
Escape Game Foot Pop
What is a foot pop? NEWLINE Your feet are attached to every object, so just pull it out. You will hear a pleasant "spot" sound when you pull it out! NEWLINE ■ Synopsis NEWLINE From a mysterious factory where a large amount of feet are produced, only one foot has gone somewhere due to a defect in the factory. How is the foot going? And what is the purpose of this factory? NEWLINE ■ Operation method (how to play) NEWLINE ・ Tap the arrow to change the viewpoint. NEWLINE ・ Tap an object to expand the viewpoint. NEWLINE ・ When you tap the item once, a green frame will appear, so use it where you want to use it. NEWLINE ・ Some items can be combined. NEWLINE As for how to combine, tap an item twice to enlarge it, so you can combine it by tapping another item once and then tapping the enlarged item. NEWLINE -If you have a foot on the screen, you can pull it out by quickly pulling your finger in the direction of your foot and then releasing it. Please note that there are some that pull out the legs after solving the quiz. NEWLINE ■ Contents NEWLINE ・ There are 13 stages in total NEWLINE ・ One stage can be short to long. NEWLINE -Not only make full use of items, but also solve the mystery and aim to escape, so it will also be a brain training! NEWLINE ・ There are various creatures, and there are simple puzzles to difficult puzzles, so children and adults can enjoy playing.

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