Saturday, May 8, 2021

Hidden Objects - Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets
Hidden Objects - Mystery Tales: Master of Puppets
Play puzzles and brain teasers in one of the top search and find hidden object games! Your goal is to seek and find hidden objects in these fun finding object games and to stop a dangerous presence. NEWLINE NEWLINE When Miranda Grey's husband goes missing, you jump on the chance to investigate! But this will be no easy case. Others have disappeared from the Greys' mansion in the past, leaving nothing but strange dolls in their place. When you encounter a ghostly presence, you quickly realize there's much more to this mystery than meets the eye. Can you stop a dangerous presence from destroying the Grey family, or will you become a permanent resident of the estate yourself? NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧙 STOP A MAD SCIENTIST AND HIS MYSTERIOUS MACHINE IN THE BONUS GAME! NEWLINE The continuation of the amazing story awaits you in the bonus chapter! Go on playing free hidden object games for more amazing story details! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧙 REPLAY YOUR FAVORITE HOPS AND MINI-GAMES! NEWLINE Play our finding games to earn more achievements! Start your fascinating journey in our new hidden objects adventure! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧙 TONS OF SOUVENIRS, KEEPSAKES, AND COINS TO FIND! NEWLINE At each location in this game, you can find hidden objects that will help you figure out the course of the story! Go looking for secret objects now! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧙 ENJOY EXCLUSIVE MUSIC, WALLPAPERS, AND MORE! NEWLINE Amazing music, colorful wallpapers and much more will be available to you in our finding objects adventure! NEWLINE NEWLINE 🧙 NEVER GET LOST WITH THE STRATEGY GUIDE! NEWLINE Stuck with this or that puzzle while playing our hidden object games? No problem - our walkthrough will always help you! NEWLINE NEWLINE This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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