Saturday, May 8, 2021

Escape game Graceful Mansion
Escape game Graceful Mansion
[Escape from the graceful Western-style building] NEWLINE You have been captured by a certain Western-style building. When all the residents go out, you shake your shackles and try to escape from the Western-style building. NEWLINE However, the entrance is locked, and many mysteries are hidden in the Western-style building. NEWLINE Can you escape from this mysterious Western-style building? NEWLINE NEWLINE [Features] NEWLINE -Search for items-Use to solve the mystery Escape game of the royal road NEWLINE -Beautiful graphics drawn in 3D NEWLINE ・ Hint function for beginners NEWLINE ・ Auto save function NEWLINE NEWLINE [How to play] NEWLINE 1, Easy operation just by tapping with your finger NEWLINE 2, Tap item Let's use it in the place you care about NEWLINE 3, If you don't understand, try pressing the hint icon

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