Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Hidden Island: Finding Hidden Objects Games Free
Crisp App Studio
Hidden Island: Finding Hidden Objects Games Free
Hello, fans of Hidden Objects Games! NEWLINE The newest hidden objects game from the creators of “Sherlock Holmes: Hidden Objects”! NEWLINE NEWLINE ...The Phaistos disc is one of the most interesting mysteries of history. This sensational artifact was discovered during excavations on the island of Crete in Greece more than 100 years ago. NEWLINE What important information is hidden on the artifact if it was needed to be encrypted or written in an unknown language? Maybe it is the language of the inhabitants of Atlantis or a message from another civilization? NEWLINE In this new free search and find game, you will go on a trip full of surprises around the island of Crete to prevent a catastrophe after a failed experiment. NEWLINE The mystery island has incredible adventures in store for you and, along with the characters of the game, you will finally learn the secret of the Phaistos disc. NEWLINE NEWLINE Features of “Hidden Island: Finding Hidden Objects Games”: NEWLINE NEWLINE - More than 40 fascinating 360° panoramic views NEWLINE - Unusual 3D effects and colorful animations. NEWLINE - Serial plot structure. An intriguing story with unpredictable events. NEWLINE - Vivid, memorable characters. NEWLINE - Collections of hidden artifacts. NEWLINE - Travel around the island of Crete - enjoy the most beautiful corners of the island. NEWLINE - Charming music will immerse you in the mystical atmosphere of the search and find game. NEWLINE - No time limits, but bonuses for speed. Play as you like, relax or challenge! NEWLINE — Fantastic mystery finding games for all ages. NEWLINE NEWLINE The hidden items game is TRULY FREE, the whole adventure is open to you without any additional purchases - it's entirely up to you to buy optional tools.

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