Tuesday, September 7, 2021

GamBridzy Inc.
◆ Game Overview NEWLINE An adventure game about Siimi, who set out on a journey to discover her true ‘me'. NEWLINE SIIMI is a puzzle game designed as a criticism of the unnatural standards placed upon us in our appearance-oriented society. The objective of the game is removing leaves from the main character. Siimi, the protagonist of this game, dreams of a world where she doesn't have to look pretty in a world where values are decided by looks. NEWLINE Can Siimi's little journey create a wave to change the world? NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ Game Characteristics NEWLINE | A story about loving oneself, regardless of how society treats you. NEWLINE | Various characters with their own stories to tell. NEWLINE | Art-style portraying a vast, but warm desert. NEWLINE | Heart-warming lyrical soundtrack. NEWLINE NEWLINE Begin your journey in the desert with Siimi to find her true identity. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ Game Story NEWLINE Siimi is a member of the Mi tribe inhabiting a desert village. “Mi”s live with Yggdrami, the sacred tree. They imitate Yggdrami and aspire to look better than what they are. However, Siimi is an outcast because she is bad at making herself look beautiful. Siimi eventually grew tired of trying to keep up with standards she could never match. She decided to stop imitating Yggdrami and left the village to find her true identity. NEWLINE What awaits Siimi at the end of the desert?

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