Tuesday, September 7, 2021

escape! Sloth and palm tree island
YamabikoSoft, Takeru Minamisaka
escape! Sloth and palm tree island
When I wake up, there is a small uninhabited island with sloths ...? Explore the island and escape! NEWLINE NEWLINE [What kind of game? ] NEWLINE An escape game set on a small uninhabited island with cute sloths. NEWLINE Escape the uninhabited island by exploring the island, solving mysteries, and using items. NEWLINE All mystery solving uses the ones that appear in the game, so no special knowledge is required. NEWLINE Beginners can rest assured that the operation instructions include hints for solving mysteries, hints for places to look up, and full support! NEWLINE NEWLINE [Functions and features] NEWLINE ・ Cute hand-drawn 2D illustrations NEWLINE ・ Three types of puzzle-solving hints: a simple "hint 1", a detailed "hint 2", and a perfect "answer" with an image. NEWLINE The hints are divided into small pieces, so you can easily use it even if you want to know a little about your current goal. NEWLINE ・ Tips for places to look up, where you can see where you can look up NEWLINE If you use this, you don't have to worry about missing a check! It will tell you that it shines perfectly NEWLINE ・ Suspended at any time! Auto save function NEWLINE ・ After clearing, there is also a power-filled bonus mode ...?

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