Saturday, January 15, 2022

Escape game that Okan thought

I was wondering if I was doing something every day, and I was making a game! NEWLINE Moreover, an escape game! !! NEWLINE It seems that I worked hard in the episode format to make up to 10 episodes. NEWLINE It's not a realistic illustration at all, but do your best! NEWLINE It's the beginning of a new escape game that Okan thought about! NEWLINE NEWLINE ◇ How to play NEWLINE -Just tap where you are interested! NEWLINE -The items you picked up will be used automatically, so it's really easy! NEWLINE -Save each episode. NEWLINE -If you get stuck in solving a mystery, ask your dad and mom. NEWLINE -I'll thank you when you're done playing. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◇ Recommended for people like this. I want to play games to kill time NEWLINE ・ I'm interested in stupid games NEWLINE ・ I like puzzles and puzzles NEWLINE ・ I want to play for free NEWLINE ・ I want to laugh a little NEWLINE ・I want to play with parents and children NEWLINE ・ I want to play offline games carefully NEWLINE NEWLINE ◇ Introduction to Episodo NEWLINE "Okan to Escape" -Finally, it will move! NEWLINE "Okan to Ame-chan" -Speaking of Okan, Ame-chan NEWLINE "Okan to Mail" -Can you do Okan Mail? NEWLINE "Okanto Senbei" -I like sweets ~ NEWLINE "Okanto Garbage Day" -Cleaning properly NEWLINE "I don't know about Okanto" -What do you know? NEWLINE "Okan to Diet" -Health First Yana NEWLINE "Okan to Seasoning" -Okan is good at cooking- NEWLINE "Okan to Suspense Drama" -Popular drama is Check Yade NEWLINE "Okan and Escape Game" -Is History Repeated !? NEWLINE NEWLINE Sound: OtoLogic / On-Jin ~ Otojin ~

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