Saturday, January 15, 2022
Shigeyuki Kawamura

Escape Room Last Gift

Escape Room Last GiftNEWLINEMy grandmother said on the phone that she wanted something to give me, but it never got to me.NEWLINEHer grandmother died at the end of that phone call ...NEWLINEI decided to go to her mother's parents' house (her grandmother's house) to see what her grandmother wanted to give me.NEWLINE[Difficulty level] EasyNEWLINE[Charge] completely freeNEWLINE[Method of operation]NEWLINEMove the viewpoint by tapping the arrowNEWLINEExamine the screen by tappingNEWLINEUsed with item selected (white frame)NEWLINEWhen an item is selected (white frame), tap again to enlargeNEWLINETap another item in the state of magnified view and combine itNEWLINE[Providing material]NEWLINEOtoLogic : Sound:

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