Friday, May 31, 2024
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Bochan 3.-Escape Game

Hokkori family From everyday life to ninja! ? A total of 32 stages with plenty of volume. ●How to play -Various things happen when you tap the screen. -You may also get items. -Use items by dragging and dropping. Even if you have trouble solving a mystery, just look at the hints and you'll be fine! ●Recommended points ・Completely free and easy! ・Play with your family and create a buzz! ・It's full of everyday elements, so it's great for creating topics at school! ・For people who like collecting! - Appropriate difficulty, perfect for brain training ◎ ・Even people who are not good at escape games can enjoy it! ・An easy escape, a mystery-solving smartphone app game that brings back nostalgic memories. ●Stage introduction "Half the deliciousness" - Of course, the two of you can share the difference, right? "Stop crying" - Your baby won't stop crying no matter what! ! "Toilet Help" - I ran out of paper! I have no choice but to call for help "The Fate of Cards" - Rare cards are in the hands of crows "Milk from my nose" - The person next to me is trying to make me laugh...I'll endure it. "Gakugi Mikke" -Ah! The wall has become artistic "Channel competition" -I wish there were two TVs "Demon is Soto" -Oni is! Fortune is within! "On a rainy day" - Speaking of things to do on a rainy day... "Nennenkorori" - The day when I want to be pampered but can't be pampered. "Which one is your daddy?" - There are many people who look like daddy! ? "Battle against sleepiness" - This is what I always say in Japanese after the pool "Losing Pro Wrestling" – Probability of winning…0%!? "Important Data" - Boss Clear! Finally saved! "Premonition of tooth decay"-Let's take care of your mouth well "The night when I saw the horror" -On days when I was afraid of ghosts and I couldn't sleep "High-speed crawling" - Crawls so fast I can't catch up! "Look at me, gorilla" - Gorilla who seems bored "Mother's Day Present" - When it comes to Mother's Day, it's all about that! "Coming home in heavy r

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